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5 Minutes of Real Relaxation, Calm and Peace of Mind. Click and Enjoy!

To Get the most relaxing "me time" experience:


  • Find a quiet space where you will not be disturbed.
  • Sit or lie down - whichever is most comfortable.
  • Kick off your shoes and loosen tight clothes.
  • Take a deep Calming Breath and...
  • Just Relax....
  • Repeat several times a day.


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*Simply relaxing... wasn't it?  But your journey managing and relieving stress does not end here.   You will also receive monthly relaxation tips, strategies and updates from my Stress Free Moments blog.  I'll include techniques and inspirational quotes you can use immediately to live life with more joy and less stress. 

Just Relax...Like This

Now that you are feeling relaxed, recharged and renewed after The Calming Breath Guided Meditation,  imagine the awesome results you will experience from the other tracks in Just Relax...Like This.  


 For more BAM VP - Breath, Afffirmations, Meditation, Visualization and Progressive Relaxation you can download the MP3 track or purchase the album when you click






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