10 Powerful Stress Busters: for the BAM VP Woman in You


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Winner Gold eLit Book Awards


When it's time to relax you want easy stress escapes.  Fast, effective relaxation routines that address the rhythm of a woman's need for physical and emotional balance.

Award-winning 10 Powerful Stress Busters for the BAM VP Woman in You delivers tension relief to relax and restore your sparkling energy in 5 minutes or less.  Start your day with a morning meditation to relieve anxiety, calm frazzled nerves and
feel fully alive.

Then choose from an intriguing mix of relaxation methods guaranteed to de stress:


  • Aromatherapy

  • Morning Meditation

  • EFT Emotional Freedom Technique

  • NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming

  • Self-Hypnosis (auto hypnosis)


And there’s much more.  Each teaches specific techniques to promote wellness and maximize health.  Renew your energy, sparkling vitality and enthusiastic outlook. In just 5 minutes a day. 


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When You Need a Time Out: Stress Relief & Relaxation Techniques for Everyday Anxiety


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FINALIST Global EBook Awards, National Indie Excellence Award

Take a Holiday from Stress!  Escape with this day-to-day energy restoring relaxation guide.  Journey from anxiety and overwhelm to the rejuvenated, more relaxed life you were meant to live:

  • Daily energizing routines, affirmations and visualizations for radiant joy and sparkling vitality.
  • Diet secrets, spa tips and relaxation techniques to restore health and balance.
  • Stress relief practices that resolve conflict, anger and nurture your inner wisdom and spiritual strength.

Isn’t it time to end the stress?

Make a promise to yourself to spend an entire day on you, doing wonderful things for you.   Put yourself first for a change – even if no one else will.

Formats: EBook, Paperback, Audiobook on sale at Amazon.com

Imagine Life Without Debilitating Stress

You Have a Choice

Make your health and well-being a priority today. Before stress leads to burnout, breakdown, illness and disease. Right now you are just a breath away from a re-energized, rejuvenated, more relaxed life.

BAM VP  - Bold Awesome Motivated Vibrant Passionate. 

                                  What People are Saying...
"This book is a gem and your girlfirends will love you if you buy them a copy. When "You Need a Timeout is the busy girl's guide to stress relief!" --Marcia Freespirit CEO, JimSaminc.com.

"Barbara writes with such a soothing voice that it reminds me of other meditations that I have done, and it immediately puts me into that relaxed frame of mind. Aaaahhhhh." --Patricia Pokorchak "DTE Lady", Toronto, ON Canada

"In the "Start Living Your Dream Section" I have 5 things written on my "Wish List" page and I actually accomplished one of them so far. What a great way to stay on track!" --Kim Ford, CreativeSpaEscapes, Forks PA