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Barbara Mitchell DCH,   Stress Management Consultant   Author   Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy.

Working women of the 90's were trying to do it all.  Remember that jingle, "I can take home the bacon, fry it up in the pan and never let you forget  you're a man. Cause I'm a woman?"  I was one of those women.  Juggling a career in higher education, home, parenting and studying for my doctorate.  I was on a treadmill trying not to burn out.


With dreams of escaping our responsibilities for a weekend of being pampered, a colleague and I started an exciting venture taking women on stress management spa "getaway retreats".  Feedback and testimonials from the women confirmed that the workshops at these "escapes" had life changing value in terms of improving (1) their outlook on life and (2) their emotional and physical health.



That was the inspiration from my writing "When You Need a Timeout".  To share the powerful stress-busting techniques, diet tips, motivational examples and pampering routines we learned to combat stress related symptoms, illness and disease. 

"When You Need a Timeout" won Finalist in the National Indie Excellence Book Awards and the Global eBook Awards.  The book has been reviewed on several sites including the online magazine Natural Awakenings and has earned 5-star reviews on 



A companion CD release, "Just Relax...Like This"  features five of the most effective stress relief techniques to BA MVP in the book.  I discuss the BA MVP - Be A More Vibrant Person techniques in a book interview on the Balancing Act on Lifetime Television. 



 I continue to write.  I blog, am an Ezine Articles Expert, and contribute to a variety of online blogs and publications.  Other pursuits include sketching and painting, travel with my husband to warm sunny beaches and Sudoku to keep my mind active.  My guilty pleasure is my love of the comics.  A diverse collection of Calvin and Hobbes, Mad Magazine, The New Yorker cartoons and Archie comics are on hand when I need a good laugh. 


Dr. Barbara has a consulting practice in New Jersey where she helps clients resolve stress related issues including emotional and job burnout, anxiety and trauma.         

Appearances:   The Balancing Act TV Interview

Awards:   Finalist "Women's Issues" National Indie Excellence 2010 Book Awards

                Finalist "Women's Studies" Dan Poynter's Global Ebook Awards

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