Learning the Joy of Relaxation




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Online Course. Experience a deeper level of relaxation to promote optimum wellness in all areas of your life. If you tried relaxation methods in the past - but your results so far have been less than satisfactory…

This course will engage all your senses in 5 immersive relaxation workshops. You will learn:

The first thing you should do before you take a deep breath.

  • What you should know about meditation to stop the mind chatter.

  • How to visualize even when you don’t see pictures.

  • The secret formula for a radiant relaxation response.

Designed with tools and techniques that address your preferred learning style: Watch the videos, listen to the audios, and/or actively practice the script exercises that guide you to your own radiant relaxation response. Simplified techniques.  Outstanding results. 

Enjoy relaxing escapes, safe place retreats, and genuine happiness knowing you have the power to turn stressful periods into tranquil moments. That’s the goal of Learning the Joy of Relaxation.

Format: 5 Workshops 3 learning formats: text video mp3. Course on sale at Udemy.com