Reduce the stress in your life with proven stress-busting and relaxation techniques designed to undo years of damage caused by stress.  Daily energizing routines, affirmations and guided visualizations that fit a busy lifestyle.  Motivational examples, diet and spa tips inspired by women who have been where you are.  And chose to put their health and wellness first.



When You Need a Timeout(Softcover)             Also in eBook

Author: Barbara Mitchell, DCH           

 117 pp       $12.95 U.S.            

ISBN 978-0-9820209-0-6     
"Women"s Issues" 2010 National Indie Excellence Book Awards
"Women's Studies" 2011 Global eBook Awards



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Imagine Life Without Debilitating Stress

You will learn to:

  • Release frustration and anger on-the-spot with simple breath exercises.
  • Manage overwhelm, find your voice and get to "no" through journaling.
  • Resolve problems that cause dis-stress with an easy-to-do meditation.
  • Dispel anxiety and fears of failure with a step-by-step reframing exercise.
  • Forgive - yourself and others - and find peace of mind knowing you are doing your best.
  • Uncover your "keys to happiness, passion and gratitude for what is important in life.
  • View relaxation breaks as a vital part of your emotional and physical fitness.
  • BAM VP - Be A More Vibrant Person!

The Impact of Stress on Your Life

Research shows that chronic stress wreaks havoc on your immune system. The detrimental effects on your health - high blood pressure, compulsive eating, insomnia, depression, stress related illness and disease - are well documented.   If you do nothing you will burnout.

You Have a Choice

Make your health and well-being a priority today. Before stress leads to burnout, breakdown, illness and disease. Right now you are just a breath away from a re-energized, rejuvenated, more relaxed life.

BAM VP - Be A More Vibrant Person. When You Need a Timeout.

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                                  What People are Saying...
"This book is a gem and your girlfirends will love you if you buy them a copy. When "You Need a Timeout is the busy girl's guide to stress relief!" --Marcia Freespirit CEO,

"Barbara writes with such a soothing voice that it reminds me of other meditations that I have done, and it immediately puts me into that relaxed frame of mind. Aaaahhhhh." --Patricia Pokorchak "DTE Lady", Toronto, ON Canada

"In the "Start Living Your Dream Section" I have 5 things written on my "Wish List" page and I actually accomplished one of them so far. What a great way to stay on track!" --Kim Ford, CreativeSpaEscapes, Forks PA